The Cozy Banana - 4 sizes in 5 colours

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1. Made of high quality thick warm fabric, keeps your furries cozy and warm.

2. Soft, warm, comfortable, removable,washable and durable.

3. With breathable, anti-slip, moisture-proof oxford fabric bottom.

4. Matched with a removable, reversible interior cushion mat for summer and winter use, helping your pet sleep more soundly.  


Size: LengthxWidthxHeight Fit
40*15*10cm / 15.5x6x4in for under 3 lbs
55*20*15cm / 21.5x7.9x6in for 3-5.5 lbs
65*25*18cm / 25.5x9.8x7in for 5.5-11 lbs
90*30*20cm / 35.5x11.8x7.9in for 11-44 lbs