Alligator Head Floating Pond Decoy

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1、Realistic Look: Our large 13in x 6in x 3in floating crocodile head looks just like the real thing. Floating fake foam croc head that flows freely in the water with life-like movement. Use in your pool, lake or wherever you want.
2、Garden Pond Decoy: Exciting floating pond decor or to use as a gator decoy to scare away ducks, geese, herons, and more. Keep your fish safe. Great for golf courses, parks, amusement parks, koi pond, pool, or even as a bath toy.
3、Quality Built: Made with high-quality materials that is built to last for a long time in your pond, lake, or pool. Non-toxic UV resistant paint makes it safe for other wildlife to be swimming with it.


Large size: about 13 x 6 x 3in
Made of high quality materials. It can put in any kind of water.
scare away birds, herons, ducks, geese and other predators. They dare not try to mess with your crocodile!
UV resistant paint protects the exterior to prevent the crocodile head from fading in the sun.
Protect your precious fish and beautiful pond.